A Letter To My Landlords Re: The Broken Bathroom Sink by Samuel Priest

A letter I wrote my landlords/realtor late last year regarding the broken bathroom sink.  Full text below the original letter image scan.

realtor letter bathroom sink

LaSalle Assoc. Realtors
3700 N. Southport Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
Re: The State of Affairs at 3423 N. Paulina St. Unit #1, Specifically, the Bathroom Sink.

Dear LaSalle Associates Realtors,

Hello, my name is Samuel Priest and I currently live at 3423 N. Paulina St. Unit #1. Although I just wrote “#1”, please understand that is only the postal and/or building designated number to the unit and not my self appraised ranking. Although, I have not seen or experienced the other units in building, I cannot help but think that they probably have a working bathroom sink, or at least if it is in fact troublesome, it is probably recently troublesome and not an ongoing affair that has plagued their residence like a type of vermin that is known to “stick around for quite a while.” And that is not the case in the current #1 Unit at 3423 N. Paulina St. We have a bathroom sink that fills with water and very slowly, eventually drains. If that does not sound like a major problem, just trust me that this sink is not functioning like a sink.

Based on that evidence, and that evidence alone, I cannot give Unit #1 a Number 1 ranking amongst the other units in the building.

If I were to expand my range, I would say our bathroom sink works much better than the disconnected bathroom sink I saw out in an alleyway this one time I was walking home from school and decided to take the long way. The sink was not my main concern, as I ran into a bully and several large dogs and you can imagine that I was put through quite a set of ordeals and/or adventures. Luckily I had my 3 school chums with me, and we lived to tell the tale! But, I digress, back to the sink at hand!

I don’t know how long our sink has been not working. But I would ball park it as roughly “at least a month” and really, that seems like I’m being generous in my ball parking. My flat mate Megan has allegedly called and respectfully complained several times. I generally speak to Megan in person and through text messages, so I don’t know if it’s an operator error on her part and the sink has not been fixed because she does not properly know how to use a phone. Hopefully she has been speaking to a local pizza restaurant about our broken sink and they have listened politely and then decidedly gotten off the phone determined to not do anything about this broken sink as they are a local pizza restaurant and not responsible for fixing a sink at 3423 N. Paulina Street. If she HAS spoken to you, then I am just puzzled.

Irregardless, and regardless of my use of the aforementioned ‘irregardless,’ the sink at 3423 N. Paulina St. Unit #1 is still broken. The water does not drain efficiently, causing the sink to be full of water, over time you can imagine this becomes dirty water. Although this is not the worst problem in the world, it is one that we’ve had for quite some time. I feel we’ve been patient to a fault on this particular issue and I wish for it to be resolved soon.

My rent is enclosed with this letter.

Thank you,

Samuel Priest

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