The Ultimate Summer Playlist by Benji Orlansky

  1. “Steal My Sunshine (Extended Version)” by Len.
  2. “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” by Those in Attendance at a Montgomery Biscuits Game.
  3. “Steal My Sunshine (Radio Edit) by Len.
  4. “Burgers are Ready!” by Dad.
  5. “A Ukulele” by A Hawaiian Guy or Something.
  6. “Field Recording of Mixed-Race Children Playing in a Sprinkler.” by Benji Orlansky Anonymous.
  7. Rock music.
  8. “All of the Songs from The Very Best of Marshall Tucker Band Played on Separate Stereos at the Same Time” by the docks at 9:30.
  9. “Steal My Sunshine (Len Remix)” by Len.
  10. “Wait, Whose Faucet is This Sprinkler Plugged Into? Is That Stealing?” by Idiots Who Hate Fun.

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