Fozzie Bear has on Stage Meltdown © 2006 Buzzington Post

The following article is being reposted from the now defunct BuzzingtonPost © 2006.  The article originally appeared on November 6th, 2006.  We’ve reprinted it here as a reference point and addendum to the recent interview Fozzie Bear had with us, regarding a different comedy controversy.   You can read that interview HERE.


Warning: The following article contains an ageist epithet and language of hate. Although censored for the majority of the article, we felt it necessary to include the initial said epithet for accuracy’s sake.

LOS ANGELES – Fozzie Bear exploded in anger as he performed at famous L.A. comedy club “The Comedy Store” Friday (10/27), hurling ageist epithets in a tirade that left the crowd gasping in shock, instead of laughter.  Although it is only a matter of time before we obtain the video, we as of yet do not have video confirmation of the incident.

Fozzie Bear played the wacky character “Fozzie the Bear” for six years on The Muppet Show and in countless films afterwards, appeared onstage at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood. Reportedly, he started being heckled by a pair of older white gentlemen from some of the cheaper seats up in the rafters.  Fozzie ignored their initial attacks until he was baited with what turned out to be a false compliment.  The hecklers laughed and one of them said loudly for all to hear that “Hey that wasn’t half bad.”

For the first time in the evening, Fozzie looked towards his attackers, offering up a feeble “thanks guys, I knew you’d come around.”  If only he knew the punchline to come, possibly this whole mess could have been avoided.

“Actually,” said the other gentleman, “it was ALL bad!”

After the audience erupted in laughter supporting the two men, Fozzie began his attack.

“Fifty years ago we’d have both of you knocked unconcious on a f***ing iceberg.” Bear continued, “You can talk, you can talk all you want, you’re brave now motherf***er. Throw their asses out. He’s a geezer! He’s a g*****! He’s a g*****! A g*****, look there’s a g*****!”1297446-fozziebear

The crowd apparently and understandably became upset at this point, with a large portion confused and hopefully waiting for a punchline.  The bear continued.

“They’re going to arrest me for calling an old man a g*****.”

The men, apparently caught off guard by the territory they suddenly found himself, shouted conflicting words.

“More, more!” said one.

“Less, less!” said the other.

The men seemed almost encouraged by Fozzie Bear’s outrage and shouted towards him as he started to storm off stage, “We’re only here because we entered a contest!”

Said the other, “Yeah, we lost!”

statlerwalblurWhen asked for comment about the incident after the show, the men, who identified themselves as a Mr. Statler and a Mr. Waldorf, ignored reporters to have this exchange with each other:

“Well, it was different!” Said Statler

“But did you like it?” Asked Waldorf.

“No, not very much, no.”

“Then it wasn’t that different!”

Attempts to reach Fozzie Bears’ reps were unsuccessful.

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