Yes I Would Like More Drugs, But I Don’t Feel Comfortable Asking You Outright by Andy Kushnir


Hey roomie, you hanging out? Niiice, got some weeeeeeed, I see. Cool cool. VERY cool. Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna go out tonight either. Probably just… kick it. Haha totally.

Just feel like puttin’ on some sweatpants and decompressing. I can see you’re doing the same. Yeah, you’re doin’ it right. Right-right-right. Woo, that stuff smells gooood. Real pungent. Mmhmm. Mmmmmmmm. Party time over here, am I right?

Wow, watching Avatar. Now that’s an experience. Vivid colors and long scenic shots, you’re in for a treat my friend. Ahhhh, yup yup. So who’d you say your dealer was again? And where does he live? And how’d you get in contact with him? And how does he get his weed? Damn, that is cool.

Is that a new pipe? Sorry, new glass. Looks expensive. But I imagine it’s an investment. And it looks like you’ve invested well my friend. Job well done.

What do you think you’re favorite part of being high is? I guess for me it’s like eating and watching a movie. Losing yourself in a meal and a flick, getting caught up in that world and really investing. Just letting go after a long day, it’s really enticing and appealing to probably just about everyone in the world.

I don’t get how you can get high alone man, because for me, and this is just my feelings on the subject I guess, I absolutely need to do it with another person. “Tokin’ up” as they say can get a little depressing if you’re doing it by yourself. Feel like a stoner or some kind of an addict. Everything’s better with friends, know what I’m sayin’ MAN?

All right I’ll get out of your hair, speaking of which, did I tell you my job isn’t doing drug tests anymore? Yeah it’s pretty sweet. We’ll have to celebrate sometime soon.

Okay bud, I’m gonna go intentionally overeat in order to get that feeling of indulgence and release that I’ve been seeking all week. You enjoy your night, it looks like you will, I’m jealous. Jealous of everything you’re doing and the decisions you’ve made that have allowed you to do them currently.

Goodnight my sweet prince. Goodnight.

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