A Dumb White Guy defends Miley Cyrus’s VMA Performance as “Fine”

Miley Cyrus @ the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Oooo… okay. Now maybe, uh… obviously I’m coming at it from a different place, but um… I didn’t think it was that bad of a thing? I mean, I guess I didn’t care, uh… is what I’m trying to say.

Do I think she was objectified? Uh, I mean… not really. She was the one dancing, yknow? Seemed like she was having a good time, or at least trying to look like she was. She stuck her tongue out for like 70% of it, right? So… maybe she was just being silly. Yeah, you know what, isn’t she kind of a funny girl or something? I feel like I saw an interview once where she seemed to have a sense of humor about herself. So maybe she was just goofing around out there. I don’t know. I mean, I’m a dumb white guy, so y’know.

What? Well, yeah, maybe MTV exploited it a little bit, but uh… seemed like it was on her terms, I guess. I mean, she’s 20 years old, when I was in high school it was a 16 year old Britney Spears and they had countdown clocks til she was 18 so they could get some upskirt shots and stuff. Anyway, that stuff is way grosser. The paparazzi photo flashes and all that. That bugs me, and I’m way over here yknow, being a dumb white guy.

Slut shaming? Who’s saying that? No, I didn’t read any articles about it. Well, Tracy McGrady retired. So, I was looking at youtube clips all morning. 13 points in 35 seconds, man. Why is it called slut shaming? Seems like a bad name. Maybe just call it “fun girl shaming”? I mean, I don’t know, I’m a dumb white guy, so I don’t know. It just doesn’t hit my ear right. Slut shaming. Yuck.

I’m not mad at her. I don’t know why other people would be mad. Who cares, right? A 20 year old girl dancing.

Oh. There’s some race stuff involved? Well, I mean, I’m not gonna… I’m just a dumb white guy, so I can’t uh… that’s not for me to chime in on, y’know? I’m just not gonna.

Minstrel show? I should look that up.

Yeah, I don’t… that seems like an unfair criticism. I mean… I don’t…

I mean, that seems a little dramatic, right? I mean, c’mon… that’s like comparing a politician you don’t like to Hitler. I think, right? I mean, I’m just a dumb white guy, so if I say something dumb, just y’know… uh, let me know?

Is she not supposed to have black back up dancers? Why… I mean. Maybe I should just… not.

I don’t know. It didn’t seem that bad to me. But, I don’t know.

I mean, it was fine. Right? It seemed fine. I don’t care.

She’s a little white 20 something pop star that was dancing sexy, or dancing how she thought would be sexy, or maybe was making fun of the fact that she was supposed to be sexy, I don’t know.

Minstrel show?

That seems really loaded, right?

I don’t know.

I mean, I should… misappropriation of black culture is not something I should really comment on, because I mean… I don’t know, how can I really know? Y’know? Uh…

It seemed fine. I’m sorry. It did. A 20 year old girl dancing. I didn’t care. But then, I guess… I don’t know.

It was fine?  I think it was fine.

Right?  I don’t know, I’m a dumb white guy.

Samuel Priest has some small opinions about Miley Cyrus, but he mostly just keeps them to himself.  You can find him on twitter at the somewhat ironically named @SamuelJK3000

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